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Our company INND2 Innovative design and development is a flexible one.we do service according to the necessity of the users.We have ample opportunities to uplift you.We will be the ladder through which you can climb up sky high. We will take your business to the international level through our authorised website. Our staff are skilled and varied experience in webdesigning,development and maintenance.

We will market your products world wide by adopting various marketing plans. We do comfortable and efficient service with least expenditure.We have variety of service plans each of which will be essential to the modern civilized society.le We will be staying with you in your ups and downs.We will guide you in all possible ways for your upliftment.At the same time we will show you ways and means at free of cost during your misfortunes.

Our Services

Graphic Design


INND2 has a creative and professional graphic design department

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Web Development


Process driven web development services that will make you lead the world of web development.

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Android Development


The future is here – the future is mobile and portable.

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Video Production


Video production is the process of creating video by capturing moving images and creating combinations

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SEO Marketing


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means the process by which the content of your site

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Software Development


We offer personal touch to all of our customers. For this, we allocate a dedicated manager

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Our New Products


Easy Billing

Customer satisfaction is the key to sustenance in every business and ensuring that customers have a hassle free and smooth experience at your store/outlet is very important.
More often than not, businesses struggle to manage the queues at the billing counter and this in turn drives away customers. Most businesses today look for an easy billing software solution that lets them process the customer queues faster and in an efficient manner.
INND2Billing Smart offers a smooth solution when it comes to billing and is a leading billing software solution in the industry.
INND2Billing Smart has a wide feature list and its billing capabilities have helped many a business manage customer queues in an efficient manner.
Read on to learn what makes INND2 Smart the best easy billing software there is!

Multiple Company

Innd2billing smart allows our users to create multiple books of accounts.

  • You can manage more than one business in a single software.
  • Manage seprate books of accounts for each companyy
  • If you have 2 or more business created in HDPOS smart, you can look at the consolidated reports to get the information on the overall accounts and profit and loss statemnets
  • Manage company wise item stock.
  • Authorization and Authentication is much advanced while managing multiple companies.
  • Given Login ID will be able to access only the company it has been given access to.
  • All reports will show the results based on the company you have access to, it is absoulutely transparent to the user and all acess is managed internally.

Stock Management

INND2Billing provides complete Stock and inventory management for all your products. Here’s why you should opt for INND2Billing Smart.

Easily Transfer your Stock from one department to another.
Stock Correction helps you correct your mismatched stock.
Manage your Dump Stock.
You can directly do PO and stock transfer request also.
Export your item list with stock to excel easily.
Export all sales from one godown to another godown with a click of a button.
Print Barcode Stickers from stock manager directly.
INND2Billing allows you to view batch wise stock details of an item from stock manager.
View Stock Drill Down of all items in your database.
You can also check in and out transfers of items from one godown to another.

Product Management/Item Management

  • Defining product is made easy for various business types
  • Integration with electronic weighing scale
  • Assign your own barcodes to product or use existing
  • Print barcode stickers
  • Support for EAN number
  • Add your own fields to products e.g.: size, color, manufacturer, gender, group
  • Handle sorting and cleaning of loose items
  • Batch upload your products using Excel
  • Export product list as Excel file
  • Organize your items in more than one category

Serial number

  • Manage your electronics items by their serial numbers
  • Track purchase & sale dates by serial numbers
  • Manage warranty periods effectively
  • Search invoices / customers by item serial numbers
  • Manage mobile IMEI number, battery serial number, charger serial number, TV & other appliances serial numbers
  • Print serial numbers, IMEI numbers easily on your invoice
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INND2 Supermarket Android Application


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